About Us




We are an upcycling label based in Berlin, founded by two creative women with the intention of designing in a way that is better for the planet and people. We believe in the beauty of things and the value of everything that surrounds us. Beauty is more than a visual aspect; it goes beyond the moment you see it. Every step of the way in becoming the product we offer should be valuable and empowering. When you hold one of our garments, you may be able to feel the care, fun, and love that we put into selecting the fabric and creating the patterns. Ultimately, our garments should hold you in a way that is comfortable and makes you feel confident and stylish.


CVW's collection is constantly evolving as we refine the finer details of cuts to work with our ever-changing materials. By sourcing only surplus materials from within the EU, our assortment of fabrics allows us to create unique pieces and evolve the collection regularly with changing seasons. Over the years we have developed our small chain of suppliers whose work makes it possible for us to produce high quality pieces in limited runs. 


From CV to CVW

Maria Corvera Vargas founded CV in 2013. She began focusing on creating limited runs from jersey cuts and over the years developed CV’s designs into the chic yet playful style you find today. Abbey Walker joined the team in 2018 and since 2020 they have been designing and collaborating to bring another element of up-cycling to the label while carrying on with the bold colours and versatile fabrics of CV's distinctive style. 

Today, Maria and Abbey have established CVW, an upcycling fashion label inspired by their own unique aesthetics and experiences as the foundation for the clothing they design. Their aim is that every person wearing CVW feels a personal connection to the garment that individuals can truly make their own, becoming an extension of their own identity.


Learn more about how we produce CVW's collections here.


Photo credits: Trampolín Mag / Manuel Soria