Designed in Berlin, made in EU.

For many years CVW’s collection was made from our local studio. Much of our collection is now produced with our partners in Poland but we still make small quantities and unique pieces in Berlin. 


Everyone’s body is different and we design with this in mind. If the pants fit your hips but are too wide on the waist or the legs are too long, we offer to make small alterations ourselves in the studio to ensure you can have the perfect fit. 


If you visit us in the studio we’re more than happy to produce pieces from our jersey collection fitting to your size or discuss making something especially for you.


We are also working with independent seamstresses who support our production of small quantities in Berlin. 


Firma Model


“We are a small family run company which was set up by my parents in 2004. Over the years they have built a place which makes high quality clothing, hires highly qualified seamstresses and has long established relationships with wonderful clients. In 2018 after spending 11 years in Ireland, I joined the company to continue the work of my parents. As a girly girl I love fashion and the items we make. With the sustainable and fair trade approach our company takes, this feels absolutely perfect for the next chapter in my life.”


We consider ourselves lucky to have Firma Model producing CVW’s collections. Since we began working together in 2016 we’ve grown to know Kasia as a valuable partner as well as a dear friend. Their workshop is in Toruń, an area of Poland well known for garment production in Europe. We are constantly in touch with Kasia to talk over small design and construction details. The expertise of their seamstresses and our close contact makes it possible for us to react quickly and avoid overproducing. Firma Model’s company values align with ours in ways which make us proud to be in business with people whose approach supports fair and sustainable fashion production. 


Alpaca Knitwear Line

CVW’s Alpaca collection is made with Zacharias and Angelica, two artisans from El Alto, Bolivia. Each piece is created in their atelier with a hand-knitting machine and hand stitched together at the seams. 

Zacharias and Angelica work with wool from Coproca, an independent enterprise which involves over 1,200 alpaca breeding families from rural communities in the Bolivian highlands. Their workshop was established in El Alto more than 20 years ago with the objective of preserving culture and arts of the craftsmen and craftswomen whilst bringing prosperity to the local communities. Great care is taken in the processing and production of their wool to ensure it is pure Alpaca wool of the highest quality. 

The production of CVW’s alpaca line is 100% in the hands of Andean Aymara and Quechua people.