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Rah Rah Studio

Rah Rah Studio Earrings 100%6S

Rah Rah Studio Earrings 100%6S

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Rah Rah Studio is all about materials, crafts, technology and the process of physical fabrication. Experimentation and diversity is key. This approach manifests in various objects that merge the known with the unknown and always have some clever twist.


To live as sustainable as possible is self-evident to us. Meaning Rah Rah Studio only designs and acts in ways that are compatible with the permanence of life and a social-society on Earth, period.


Most pieces are handmade and produced to order. Therefore the calculated production period is an estimated time of 7-14 days. Of course we will try to ship your chosen product as soon as possible but please note that your order may take longer to ship than expected. Please contact us for any questions here 💌

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/ Price: 74€

/ colours may appear slightly differently than seen online. close up swatches are only for colour reference and not size /

/ material: 925 sterling silver & PLA (plant based plastic from fermented cornstarch; 100% mineral-oil-free) /

/ production: designed & 3D printed in our Berlin studio /

/ weight: 24g /

/ length: 9cm end to end ; modular therefore adjustable /

/ print time: 2,0h /

/ printer travel distance: 108m /


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